About Me

I understand that everyone is different and the importance of receiving the right care after a certain procedure. I am trained/skilled in wound care and IV therapy; it seems this has become the new way to send people home from the hospital. Do your own research, I have been doing this for many years and have never before seen people discharged from the hospital with wound vac and IV's at the rate I have seen in the past 2 years. I have been in business for two and a half years, have over thirty years of experience in facility and home care services, along with twelve years studying natural health. It is way past time to re-think the way that we care for people, more often than not, it just comes down to humanity and doing the right thing. CARE is a FULL CIRCLE That takes all needs into account, comfort and security (piece of mind) is something most are failing to recognize these day. It is my goal to provide that full circle of care with compassion that every one of us deserves. I am here to help you in any way that I can.

I offer an aftercare service that you control. My top priorities are quality of care, comfortable one on one care, and very clean services for my clients. I aim to create long-term customer relationships and be the go-to caregiver for reliable and affordable services. With my expertise, I can handle any of your recovery needs - no matter how big or small. Please watch the video with me talking below about what I can help you with.

• Not wheelchair accessible

• You MUST be able to get out of bed to go to the bathroom

• I do not have room for overnight guests

• Visitors kept to a minimum

• Lite meals and drinks are included (you will not go hungry)

No extra charges, I am very prepared and doing this for a very long time. Everything is close by so if you need something we can get it, extra food or needed supplies that I don't have on hand you would need to purchase on your own.

Make sure to watch this video!